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Going Spearhead or Frontliner is not the only way to support Interstellar Marines. Find out how YOU can support our revolutionary AAA Indie strategy and play a central part in our vision to change the game industry forever.


AAA Indie is about empowering gamers everywhere.
"It's about reminding you all that you are not just passive mindless consumers, but individuals with the power to bring games to the market. All YOU have to decide is this; Are you willing to use this power to support Interstellar Marines?" -
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Upgrade your marine with Support Medals!

  • Each Support Medal costs $5

  • First Support Medal unlocks Avatars in your profile

  • Support Medals automatically upgrade your Marine badge

  • Convert Support Medals into a Spearhead upgrade (9 Support Medals)

New badges added to honor all our 'Super-Supporters':

We've created 9 new badges for our "super-supporters" in game colors we all know and love!
We've created 9 new badges for our "super-supporters" in game colors we all know and love!


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For the Love of the Game is the mantra at Zero Point Software. The company was founded for the love of the game, the business decisions we make are for the love of the game, and the people who work at Zero Point Software all do so for the love of the game.


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