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09th Jul 2009 23:21:00 CET

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Well probably there is a lot of gamers that are aware that this game is being developed.But I just wanted to ask my fellow gamers if they could spread the word a bit more you know llike opening a new thread about the game on forums or send a post about this to your favorite magazines web site just in case so they could reach more gamers and maybe more support.

Thank you

Future Software Engineer


10th Jul 2009 12:35:43 CET. Edited 6 minutes after.

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I would love you guys/gals to participate in a test on! Lets call it the AAA Indie "DIGG" test! :)

The idea is based of this article: How to get 3000 digg's in 24H

I have posted a video article of the "Photo Session" on and based on the help from you guys/gals, we may be able to get enough "Diggs" for it to pop up where the difference can be felt!

The Digg video article is on this link: Photo Session on

We can not cheat, so please only "Digg" the video if you like it! :)




10th Jul 2009 12:52:24 CET

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I don't think there is a risc of anyone from these forums not to like it :)


10th Jul 2009 19:18:13 CET

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I signed up and digged the game! ;D


10th Jul 2009 21:48:48 CET

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I've dugg it aswell.

Also posted it on the Steam group.


11th Jul 2009 03:19:16 CET

# 1815


diging now

whattttttttttttttt only 11 so far.

we must spread the word mate.


12th Jul 2009 03:50:04 CET. Edited 14 minutes after.

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I just joined the Good Game (Australia's no. 1 gamer show) and the PC Powerplay (Aus no. 1 PC mag) fourms specifically to request that they give IM a mention. Wish my attempt luck :P.

EDIT: I also wrote a E-mail to Good Game.


12th Jul 2009 06:32:54 CET

# 1853


Spreading the word in the U.S.


12th Jul 2009 23:21:14 CET

# 1858


DIgg'd it. We're now up at 13 digss.. C'mon people, get moving!


14th Jul 2009 00:27:02 CET

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The word that needs spreading is that the company is defunct - the rich uncle pulled the plugg and the staff has been laid off. Nice try, though - next time around, try to keep the hype more in synch with actual accomplishments (paying tribute to 4 year old teaser trailers....? Blurring the demo due to "non-disclosure with tech supplier" when everybody knows Epic thinks the game is lackluster and will not allow publicity on use of the Unreal engine? Bragging about San Shepherd working on/with the team when he is in fact an advisory board member? Etc, etc....) Don't disappoint people with claims and promises you know you cannot back up with action, don't distort the facts, and don't be such goddamn attention whores with so little to show. How to detect an impending foreclosure at aspiring gamedevs? Showing off concept art before demo is out, or at least actual in-game footage is available...without blurring. Oh -and throw in a spiderpig in stead of the four-legged shark, that might work...


14th Jul 2009 00:51:35 CET. Edited 0 minutes after.

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partypooper, can you prove that? As far as I know they don't have a rich uncle... What's wrong with the sharks, I like them... When have Zero Point annouced that they were using the Unreal Engine? So little to show... Maybe youre just plain stupid, but if a funtional demo showing ingame footage was played by game stop. Then they did have a lot to show. If they did not have anything to show, Wouldn't game stop have announced that?

For all I care, you can take that negative attitude and fuck off.


PS: Think before you type... Your post is bordering on injury


14th Jul 2009 01:57:09 CET

# 1875


Bordering on injury...? I guess you mean insult, as in libel or defamation....? Pfff, this is the internets, remember? I'm spilling my guts with impunity. And with a good deal of factiual knowledge. As for missing that rich uncle (as their only source of financing, apart from oh abt 70 supporters on their facebook app) - you can't have been paying much attention to the vids, then. One of the first questions from game media is, "what engine are you making the game with"? As a paying supporter, my guess is you would have a vested interest in that, too - being such an "immersive experience" triple-A trilogy extravaganza. Ever wondered why that tech question remains unanswered, even at this stage...? Could it be that the game lingers between being a non-existant fantasy of a handfull people who never made a game in their life before, and a playable prototype that is pedestrian, to put it mildly. And certainly not the impressive showcase they try so hard to crank it up to be. I think it's fair to warn any prospective supporters at this point that whatever money they hand over presently - in good faith, trusting this will eventually becoma a product - will just end up paying the lawyer's fee who's going to clean up the mess after they've closed shop.

Keep up the positive thinking - and stay tuned to the grapevine - and remember where you heard it first.


14th Jul 2009 02:33:00 CET

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@ Partypooper: All I can say is; If I was a forum moderator here, then you would've been gagged for two weeks or even banned.

I know everyone got rights to have their own opinion and such, but what you just said is plain stupid. You are definently what people on the internet would call "A troll" and those of your kind should just get out of here.

And for everyone else, remember this; Don't feed the troll !


14th Jul 2009 02:41:12 CET

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I guess they fired the mods as well...? And don't shoot the messenger - it's very easy to counter my claims...if they're without substance. Bring it on.


14th Jul 2009 02:55:31 CET

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That's challenging. Had to happen, I guess.

As for us, the supporters, we all knew they could fail from the beginning. What they already achieved however is to create a community that discusses concepts, ideas and hopes about FPS', gaming industry business models, and other. It's fine here, and even though you'd say we could have done that without 'paying' 30 bucks for it, I'd say that it wouldn't be the same without an ultimate goal, whether it is an utopia or not - we needed a purpose to gather so many people, and ZPS gave us one, then lead it. Now for the extra personal opinion, I think we're not scammed paying for a non-existant game, I see it like funding the development of a project we believe in; this is different. Most people here gave it some thought, we're not stupid.

But the bastard's right eh, this is the Internet. We could have done without the hatred but the questions remain direct and clear, I don't think this is a real troll; I don't mean to encourage a fire but I'd like to see some retort. I know full transparency isn't necessarily the best option - except when something goes wrong. "Don't lie to us." Anyway, no news good news.

Now call me naive, but they're sincere, I believe it. Whatever happens, it wasn't for the money, that's stupid; so what for then? They're no amateurs either. They have a chance they took, and they seem to be doing everything they can to release this game - judging by the time invested, even off schedule; not the marketing stuff (that seems fair too, btw.) If you don't believe I think everyone's fine with it, but leave them the shot - negative attitude is the last thing they need.


14th Jul 2009 03:25:48 CET

# 1880


hey partypooper, you some kind of EA spy, who's trying to wreck Zero Points credibility and stop people from having faith in them? ;-)

Seriously though, sure, the internet gives you a level of annonymous impunity, but you really do need to back up statements with facts, and not just provide your own views, unless of course you want people to think you're just being a dick.

Burden of proof is currently on you - so where/who you getting all this factual information from?


14th Jul 2009 04:23:35 CET

# 1881


I don't get any kicks out of pissing on other people's parades - but the game biz is chocful of bullshit artists, and I call it as I see it. And let's face it - ZPS has been around since 2003, pimping the_ idea_ of a game by releasing a number of teasers/trailers on their project IM. All fine, and they got attention from communities and press - but they somehow missed the valid point that you do these elaborate and expensive marketing efforts AFTER you've wrapped up producing the actual game, or at least in the final phases, paving the way for big sales as a result. And they're totally misintertpreting the interest for their game, based on number of people who have seen the promo vids. I mean, more than 30 million people have seen Numa Numa guy on youtube, and he still has his regular day job. How come management has kept repeating the nonsense about the millions of people who allegedly have seen the teaser/trailer, when only abt. 70 people have signed up in this community...? What happened was ZPS couldn't capitalize on the attention then, and cannot afford to produce yet another original teaser/trailer. Afford in the sense that it would be meaningless, seeing that they would be at least three years away from any release date at the current pace, best case scenario. And then they would be faced with the harsh realities of PS4, Xbox 720 Natal, Wii II and whatnot, not standing a chance with their current "old gen" product. Which is prob part of the reason they pulled the plugg at this point. Another part is as mentioned before - the game is just not up to par, in terms of originality and execution. ZPS have been working on an eval license from Epic for years, and they never allowed ZPS to use their good name to promote the game - for the simple reason that the effort is just simply overly ambitious and underperforming. The management of ZPS has NEVER done games before - they're very ambitious and passionate gamers - namedropping a shitload of games they played as inspiration for IM. It's a classic mistake - or more precisely, wet dream: Hardcore gamers wishing to do a game for themselves, in stead of for any existing markets. There's not a single person involved in the actual (or more precisely, now laid off) production team that has had previous experience with actual production of a triple-A game, and none on the management team has ever made any games before. But management's totally caught up in their own hype, repeating ad nauseam the same catchphrases for the last 6 years. Only thing new is the community, and making that and maintaining it has taken up a lot of valuable production time from a team that has been underperforming during constant crunch.
Add to that the hippie talk about sharing and AAA-indie production with the help of a community - it's a pipe dream, and the bubble just burst. Those Gamespot guys kept a very diplomatic tone during the interview - "ambitious project" wow, what accolade. Not a word on the actual quality as they perceived it, and they're usually very enthusiastic fellows. Hats off for trying - but it's not cool to use other people's money to feed your own personal fantasy, and misleading everyone about performance and opportunities that just simply are not there.


14th Jul 2009 12:48:29 CET

# 1885


wall of text hits you for 1000 imaginary damage

hey partypooper...welcome to the community :)

Lets take a look at some of the arguments you put forward:

If you check out the "meet the team" feature here on the website you will see that some of the team members have in fact been invovled in AAA productions before. Members of the team has worked on freedom fighters by IOI and their lead programmer was lead programmer at Serious Games before ZPS. All that took was a quick google search on his name..

They do seem to have a rich uncel. But I can find no where to back up your claim that he is bankrupt? Do you have a source? When searching the danish CVR it doesnt say they are bankrupt as you claim. If they were it would clearly state it on the site ( One thing that does seem odd is that the cvr on zps site is that of a "glitch developlemnt"... :S But that company is not bankrupt either

You also say "70 people have signed u p"... if you check out the "whats your order number" thread you can see its actually a lot closer to 1000. Remember that only people who actually went ahead and order one of the upgrades got an order number. Of couse they most likely didnt start at "1" but clearly its above 70.

When all is said and done I am pretty sure all of us are aware that this is a very ambitious project. And we all know it can fail. This isnt exactly some kind of secret...

I hope I didnt feed the troll too much :) Btw I wonder if you are the same guy mentioned over at the danish who on an other danish blog wrote zps is broke?


14th Jul 2009 13:36:23 CET

# 1888


Fake facts, bullshit like implying "developers shouldn't believe in their projects", aggressiveness, unverified claims, logical fallacies.

Well, I was mistaken, sorry Kosai.


14th Jul 2009 13:57:39 CET

# 1889


@Partypooper - My name is Gert Haar-Jorgensen, Kim's cousin and the "rich uncle" behind the game - and I'm 99% sure I know who you are as we have had exchanges, even meetings in the past - and I am truly sorry that your game idea didn't work, but I don't think that warrents this attack, which I can only see as "sour grapes".

A few facts - yes I have believed in and co-funded the game for the last 5 years. The investors up til now are over 90% (amount and value) founders and their family and friends (some of the 500 fans on facebook) and the story of our on-going battle to realise the IM dream is well-described in the FTLOTG video (there are a few additions in the pipeline).

Your allegations regarding our inexperience, although technically true are at the essence of what this is all about, proving against the odds that we (hard core, creative and committed gamers) can do this - David vs Goliath. Your right, we may not succeed, but I think we have been honest about the possibility. On the other hand, I do think of myself as a business person as well - and when I see how the team has developed and whats been produced against the odds - I am extremely proud and confident that we can and will do this.

The real barrier is lack of funding (from traditional sources), without selling your soul. This is where the "new" business model of aaaindie was born out of nessecity,- we decided early on that we would rather (naively?) pursue the ideal - or "die" trying.

Where you are correct - unfortunately - is that we are going through a substantial financial set-back at the moment and have been agonizing about how/what to communicate - but here goes:

I have have financed about 80% so far from my other business - Lean Coaching, which has successfully been growing the last 8 years, where our main clients were automotive (and a friend and co-funder is in the same line of work). As you can imagine the downturn in the industry has reduced our turnover 50% in months (March-June). I'm happy to say that we are gradually re-building in different sectors, but it will take time (months). This left us in an acute liquidity crisis in May-June, just after launching the site. To say that I/we have had the worst month of our lives, would be an understatement - desperately trying to seek other sources/loans - anything.

As of last week, our Production Company A/S has had to file for Bankruptcy and we have had to "fire" all our employees (yes we had 20 properly employed in the Team - as on the picture). While this is a major set-back - Zero Point Software, the name, the IP and all IM code etc. belongs to (and is protected in) a Holding company and hence not affected.

I have to, at this stage, give my unreserved "love and respect" to our team and the way they have supportted us all the way - not "leeked" sensitive information, but most of all - have continued to post/discuss, as if nothing was wrong, in spite of facing uncertain personal circumstances.

We (Kim, Nics and I) have started the task of salvaging, re-building, with a view to continue the work developing / releasing our material (although at initially reduced rate - please be patient) and at the same time, as we have done umpteen times in the past (but behind closed doors) re-evaluate our options for raising finance, in order to gear back up (again!) and re-employing every one of the Team (and the colleagues they need/deserve) as soon as humanly/financialy possible!! - The Developers will of cause keep their ZPS Badge - as they will always be part of the Team, albite only "vitually" for a period.

Personally - I see Partypoopers (or "Sour Grapes"?) comments as a blessing in disguise, we are back to being open, honest, indie (in the shit!) and completly beholden to the community's belief in us. Having discussed this with Kim and Nics - I am more than happy to refund any payment, by anyone who feels they have been "deceived" or cannot/ do not want support us, given the above.

We may be too early, business model may not work, not good/experienced enough for this "overly" ambitious project - without support, we'll never know.

In the meantime, with those who are left, we will re-group, re-focus and soldier on - giving up is not an option! Apart from our own ambitions, the real reponsibility is to the people have supported us so far incl. Spearheads/Frontliners obviously - but also the family and friends who have invested thier hard-earnt cash - to live the dream with us.

Sorry - Partypooper/Sour Grapes - to be "spoil-sport" honest. If anyone has any other questions, they want honest answers on, please feel free - I/We will do our best (but I have a "day-job" with employees that also need re-building)

For The Love Of The Game!!



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