(Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Interstellar Marines?

Interstellar Marines is an AAA, FPS, Sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism.

You can find out more about Interstellar Marines game here.



Who is developing Interstellar Marines?

Zero Point Software is developing Interstellar Marines and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

We are currently eight fulltime developers and will all be present in our forum and on our community site, writing articles, forum posts and being in dialogue with you the gamer on creating the most immersive FPS ever!



Who is publishing Interstellar Marines?

Zero Point Software is the publisher itself and utilizes a unique new strategy which we have named AAA INDIE.



What is AAA INDIE?

AAA is a branch term that states high budget, high quality. INDIE is short for independent. So basically we are trying to develop high quality games independently from game publishing companies funded by- or partly with the gaming community.

Read more about how you can support us.



Why should I support this new strategy?

    Help us to:
  1. Develop, market, and distribute games independently from game publishing companies
  2. Contribute to the liberalisation of pricing and distribution of games
  3. Develop games with open doors
  4. Let gamers voice their opinion and make their influence count (through our forum)
  5. Deliver great games that, in any respects, can compete with what publishers put in the market
  6. Merge the technological innovation and scope of AAA productions with the creative freedom and the rooting in the community of indie productions
    You will get:
  1. Playable chapters throughout the entire development process. It could be a shooting simulator, a multiplayer level or maybe an early prototype of a new weapon
  2. The opportunity to provide feedback very early through our forum and we will listen
  3. An invite to join us behind the scenes and follow us as we develop the game with articles and videos describing how we make the game
  4. Let gamers voice their opinion and make their influence count
  5. Deliver great games that, in any respects, can compete with what publishers put in the market


Where is all the game footage?

The past three years Zero Point Software has been developing Interstellar Marines on a well proving (but expensive) 3'rd party engine. Regretfully, we can not publicly show our material due to a strict license agreement.



What game engine is Interstellar Marines currently using?

We are testing the potentials of a new and less expensive game engine (the Unity Engine). You can see our first effort here.



How do I buy and support?

First of all we need you register. If you like what you see please consider of upgrading to a Spearhead or Frontline unit. Spearhead will net you all three (3!) copies in the trilogy, while Frontline will buy you the first only.



I have upgraded to Spearhead, and I would like to donate more money

As requested by our community we have introduced "Support Medals" which apart from supporting this great strategy and game upgrades your public profile badge on the website.



Can i support this in any other way than upgrading or donating?

There are loads of ways of how you can help us. You can spread the word using eq. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or blog, write or talk of IM and AAA INDIE as allot of our community members are allready doing. Kickstart yourself here.



How do I become a Beta Tester?

All beta material will be available for both Spearheads, Frontliners and registered users throughout the development of Interstellar Marines.



Does Interstellar Marines have any social groups I can join, besides the official forum?

Sure does! As far as official channels go, you can be fan of IM on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and even contribute on the Interstellar Marines' own forum.

Unofficially, a Steam Group and a Gamespot Union exist.



Can I show your material on my website?

Yes, although you should not link directly to material in the Briefing Room as this is intended as a cool thing for our Spearhead and Frontliners only. You can read more about the advantages of being a premium member here.



Thank you for reading and your continuous support,
For The Love Of The Game - The staff of Zero Point Software



Please post questions/subjects we need to address in our Unofficial FAQ on our forum

(A thumbs up to Tacticalspoon for helping us kickstart this FAQ)