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Press release: Bullseye Gets Competitive on Kongregate

by Kenneth | Friday, 18 Feb. 2011 | Press | comments (9)

Through Kongregate, gamers will have access to 22 grueling challenges in Bullseye, ranging from basic shooting of moving targets, to intense breaching exercises and hostage situations. As Bullseye players progress through 16 character levels, their standard issue SMG can be upgraded and customized in order to reach perfect scores in all challenges, so they can compare their skills with their friends on high-scores.
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Press Release: The mission continues for Interstellar Marines

by Kenneth | Monday, 31 Jan. 2011 | Press | comments (14)

In the cold north of Scandinavia a small group of Danish dreamers is trying to achieve the impossible. They are making an AAA first-person shooter without the involvement of the big corporate publishers that are dominating the industry. The game is Interstellar Marines, an epic trilogy about mankind’s first encounter with another sentient species.
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Press Release: Interstellar Marines Celebrates Latest Milestone with New Trailer

by Kenneth | Monday, 31 Jan. 2011 | Press | comments (7)

Ambitious indie project reaches over 67,000 registered and premium users.
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Press Release: Xmas 2010

by Kenneth | Wednesday, 22 Dec. 2010 | Press | comments (2)

Interstellar Marines bring elite military training to your browser for the holidays with real-life loot to be won
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