Update 18: Multiplayer Madness

published Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 00:00 by ZPSPhyrefli

Three multiplayer game modes and a huge number of tweaks and updates to Accuracy, Stamina and Sprint are the focus for Update 18.

Update 18: Multiplayer Madness

For this Update we're taking multiplayer up a notch by re-introducing three multiplayer game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and one of our favourite modes - Team Domination!

With the release of improved tactical movement in Update 17 we also received a lot of very valuable community feedback on how it could be tweaked and improved. So we've spent a large amount of time adjusting and adding new features to our character controller. You can now hear additional effects such as your heartbeat, you will find your stamina lasts much longer before exhaustion starts to kick in, head bobbing has been tweaked, your breath will mist up your visor if your HUD is down, and many other subtle changes have been introduced. Please let us know what you think!

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While we've been working on Update 18 work has also been progressing well with developing Hell Week. The team has made great strides in development, and we're very happy with the way it's looking. The levels are coming together nicely, and the programming side is moving along as well. We're getting more and more excited about Hell Week and can't wait to share it with you!

If you would like to learn a little more about Hell Week, please watch this video:

Click here to visit the Hell Week sign up form.

Click here to see Interstellar Marines on Steam

Round Up

When we first started on Update 18 we expected it to be a very short sprint, with mainly bug fixes and some additional features, prior to starting work on Hell Week.

We decided to lengthen it a bit so we could encompass the many behind-the-scenes changes to the Accuracy, Stamina and Sprint system we wanted to include. Many of the new changes are very small, but together they greatly improve tactical movement and lay the foundation for even more advanced movement options in the future.

The additional time on Update 18 has also allowed us to look forensically at The NeuroGen Incident in order to analyse and correct a long-standing bug related to the keycard in the crew quarters. This bug was buried deep and required a lot of effort to find, reproduce and eventually fix. We're confident now that it is fixed.

And finally, we also spent a very fun few days exhibiting at Copenhagen Games at the start of April. We had our first offline tournament, with a prize purse of DKK 5000, and showed off Interstellar Marines to a wide range of eager gamers. To get a feel for what the event was like, please click here to view our photo gallery of the event.

Version: 0.5.18
Released: 22nd April 2015

What's New

  • ADDED: Team Domination, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch game modes to all multiplayer maps
  • ADDED: Admins can now change multiplayer mode from within the game
  • ADDED: Server browser can now filter by region, game mode and server type
  • ADDED: Sprint strafe
  • ADDED: Crouch sliding
  • ADDED: Sprint jump weapon animations
  • ADDED: Sounds are muffled when AI SARA speaks
  • ADDED: Additional AI SARA speaks to The NeuroGen Incident
  • ADDED: Steam achievements from Update 17 to in-game Profile tab
  • ADDED: Option to turn off auto-refresh for server browser and refresh using a manual button
  • ADDED: Check added to ensure TPs are not lost during a match
  • ADDED: Breath on inside of helmet visor when exhausted and HUD is offline
  • ADDED: Flashlight and laser are now toggleable per weapon
  • ADDED: New Spearhead bonus content, including 78 new images, audio logs and OTTO speaks from The NeuroGen Incident, and additional items


  • UPDATED: Mainline now compatible with Team Domination and Deadlock
  • UPDATED: Mainline Winter now compatible with Team Domination and Deadlock
  • UPDATED: Dynacore now compatible with Team Domination, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch
  • UPDATED: Sprint sliding toned down
  • UPDATED: Walk and run speeds now affected when exhausted
  • UPDATED: Jump height when exhausted adjusted to always allow jumping onto a railing
  • UPDATED: Sprint acceleration increased
  • UPDATED: Keep arms in correct position when sprinting up/down stairs
  • UPDATED: Head bobbing
  • UPDATED: Overall tweaks to Accuracy, Sprint and Stamina
  • UPDATED: Updated SMG, Assault Rifle and suppressor textures
  • UPDATED: Server sorting defaults to sorting by the number of players per server
  • UPDATED: Join button colour in the server browser has been changed for clarity

Known Issues

  • When revived, player may be put into spectator mode. Killing and reviving the affected player corrects this.
  • Some new achievements and TP rewards may not work. We're investigating
  • The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
  • The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4)
  • View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
  • Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
  • Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
  • Potential to fall through elevator when moving
  • When joining an in-progress The NeuroGen Incident game, additional waypoints may be visible
  • Player may sometimes spawn with no ammo in one or both weapons. Reloading fixes this
  • There may be an intermittent bug in Team Domination where one team always seems to have a player in the zone


  • FIXED: "TPs should no longer be lost"
  • FIXED: "Keycard in crew quarters in NGI sometimes not appearing"
  • FIXED: "NGI servers crashing due to excessive logging"
  • FIXED: "Possible fix to Starcrown servers crashing excessively"
  • FIXED: "Weapon accuracy / recoil error (many thanks to Guilty for his work on this)"
  • FIXED: "No longer a 15 second wait to spawn in Playground maps"
  • FIXED: "Falling through hatch in crashed Megalodon on tutorial level"
  • FIXED: "Falling through hatch in Megalodon in the Megalodon level in the playground"
  • FIXED: "Being pushed through elevator floor at the start of the tutorial mission"
  • FIXED: "Missing glass panes in several locations in the tutorial mission"
  • FIXED: "Removed access to the separate training areas in the tutorial level"
  • FIXED: "Location of several occluders in the tutorial level"
  • FIXED: "Adjusted bounding box in tutorial level"
  • FIXED: "Boxes near start of tutorial level so players do not get stuck in them"
  • FIXED: "Spot in Starcrown where a player could exit the map"
  • FIXED: "Spot in the Mainline maps where a player could exit the map"
  • FIXED: "Patrol route on top of Mainline coop spawn building to ensure that CTR does not hide at the back where it cannot be shot"
  • FIXED: "Elimination challenges now rewarding TPs"

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Keep up the great work! :D


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NICE! You are awesome guys! keep working like you know! ;)


2 years, 7 months ago

Keep up the great work ! I really like where this is going :)


2 years, 7 months ago

AWESOME!Keep it up guys you are great.


2 years, 7 months ago

There's some weird stuff up with the spawns, enemies appear right in front of you or behind. kind of weird but the update itself did good work


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