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Update 18: Multiplayer Madness

by ZPSPhyrefli | Wednesday, 22 April 2015 | Development | comments (6)

Three multiplayer game modes and a huge number of tweaks and updates to Accuracy, Stamina and Sprint are the focus for Update 18.
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Update 17: Welcome On Board

by ZPSPhyrefli | Monday, 9 Feb. 2015 | Development | comments (3)

A free week on Steam, enhanced tactical movement with sprinting, a new introduction level and a host of additions and bug fixes are all waiting for you to unwrap and play in Update 17.
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Update 16: Assault On Starcrown Aerospace

by ZPSPhyrefli | Wednesday, 17 Dec. 2014 | Development | comments (2)

Get ready for some festive fun with an action packed Update 16! A new campaign co-op map, a new multiplayer map, the return of T-IM101 and several more enhancements are in this update.
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Update 15: Stealth Suppressed

by ZPSPhyrefli | Friday, 21 Nov. 2014 | Development | comments (2)

Update 15 has two more maps with added co-op and singleplayer game modes, and sound suppressors for both the SMG and Assault Rifle.
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Update 14: Tactical Incursion

by ZPSPhyrefli | Thursday, 23 Oct. 2014 | Development | comments (5)

Update 14 is the first content update after The NeuroGen Incident, and includes 3 co-op maps and 3 new game modes.
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The NeuroGen Incident

by ZPSPhyrefli | Saturday, 27 Sept. 2014 | Development | comments (19)

Co-op is here with the nail-bitingly intense The NeuroGen Incident co-op mission!
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Update 11: Deadlock Gamemode

by ZPSPhyrefli | Wednesday, 21 May 2014 | Development | comments (13)

Intense gameplay with the highly tactical Deadlock game mode, new AR 03 assault rifle, and a huge new map are the highlights of Update 11.
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Update 10: Covering Fire!

by ZPSPhyrefli | Thursday, 27 March 2014 | Development | comments (13)

Deeper immersion through the new HUD and sound effects, tactical cover and crouch system, and multiplayer Colony are the highlights of Update 10.
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Update 9: FPS Controller 2.0

by ZPSPhyrefli | Tuesday, 11 Feb. 2014 | Development | comments (14)

Welcome to Update 9 and our brand new FPS Controller, new multi-purpose map called Astrodome and our new e-sports friendly Spectator Mode!
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Update 8: Merry Xmayhem

by ZPSPhyrefli | Thursday, 19 Dec. 2013 | Development | comments (21)

It's the Holidays! Update 8 brings stats, achievements and a very special Holiday version of Mainline Winter.
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Update 7: Immersion Enhanced

by ZPSPhyrefli | Saturday, 7 Dec. 2013 | Development | comments (9)

Update 7 introduces the first steps towards our hugely ambitious goal of totally immersing you in Interstellar Marines.
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Game Update 6: Initiating Team Domination

by ZPSPhyrefli | Thursday, 31 Oct. 2013 | Development | comments (14)

Game Update 6 introduces the brand new Team Domination game mode, the first multiplayer version of Elevation and a brand new score system.
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Game Update 5

by ZPSPhyrefli | Friday, 11 Oct. 2013 | Development | comments (30)

This update introduces a slew of features including the first version of Martin Jonsson's competition winning map, "join on a friend" in Steam and new weapons effects.
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Game Update 4

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 16 Aug. 2013 | Development | comments (57)

This update includes a brand new map called 'Evacuation' which is the largest map we've created so far, as well as the first Spearhead bonus content and scoreboard profile icons.
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Game Update 3

by ZPSBozar | Wednesday, 7 Aug. 2013 | Development | comments (25)

It’s time to bring out the “M” in maintenance update (sorry, we just had to)!
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Game Update 2

by ZPSBozar | Friday, 12 July 2013 | Development | comments (47)

It’s time to bring out the “T” in tactical combat!
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Game Update 1

by ZPSBozar | Saturday, 6 July 2013 | Development | comments (34)

All the waiting and hoping is over: we’re on Steam and we can finally focus all our time on actual game development!
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Deadlock 0.4.11 is Available!

by ZPSBozar | Thursday, 28 March 2013 | Development | comments (22)

Based on feedback from last weekend's community event we've added team selection, updated spawning and squashed some of our oldest bugs that's been around for ages. Short iteration, many improvements - Saweeeeet!
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Deadlock 0.4.8 is Available!

by heks | Thursday, 7 Feb. 2013 | Development | comments (24)

Deadlock 0.4.8 is online running on Unity 4 with several bugfixes as well as a major maintenance overhaul.
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Dev Diary: Good news and Kickstarter

by heks | Monday, 17 Sept. 2012 | Development | comments (15)

This week we have a bit of good news, some information on the Kickstarter rewards and an early sneak peak of the intro scene for the upcoming video.
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Dev Diary: Working on the Kickstarter intro

by heks | Tuesday, 11 Sept. 2012 | Development | comments (22)

In this Dev Diary, Kim reveals a few details for our upcoming Kickstarter video that we're currently working on at ZPS.
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Deadlock 0.4.0 Battle Report

by heks | Saturday, 28 April 2012 | Development | comments (46)

A fresh copy of Deadlock is online with improved performance, new recoil, kickback and accuracy models on the SMG and an intense in-door map with AI SARA running the show. Yup, it’s time to jack in again!
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Deadlock 0.3.5 Battle Report

by heks | Thursday, 5 April 2012 | Development | comments (39)

Last update gave us “the kill loop”, this time we’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest version of Unity3D, revived the Combat Range 01 map and topped it off with Laser and Flashlight prototypes - the combination of which gives a whole new meaning to “a shot in the dark”!
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Deadlock 0.3.0 Battle Report

by heks | Monday, 27 Feb. 2012 | Development | comments (69)

In our ongoing quest for true multiplayer immersion we bring you Deadlock 0.3.0 which primarily consist of a kill and be killed game loop. Join the servers, battle your fellow marines and experience the continuous iterations of what we are trying to achieve with Interstellar Marines.
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Deadlock 0.2.0 Battle Report

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 27 Jan. 2012 | Development | comments (39)

Welcome to the first biweekly Deadlock Battle Report. Long gone are the bells of Christmas and in are the first iteration of a new Combat Range map as well as a new exciting prototype sandbox map we’re calling Playground.
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Deadlock Map: Combat Range 01 - Iteration 1

by ZPSHicks | Wednesday, 5 Oct. 2011 | Development | comments (62)

After four intense weeks building, prepping, testing, tweaking pipelines etc. we're slowly getting our artificial cave environments off the ground and are finally ready to share the initial results with you; our awesome and beloved community!
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Scoring for Deadlock: Initial Idea - Continued

by Reese | Thursday, 22 Sept. 2011 | Development | comments (14)

Sit back and relax (again) as we continue the music composing journey from the initial idea, and all the way to the finished music score in all its glory.
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Playing with Image Effects in Unity

by ZPSHicks | Thursday, 25 Aug. 2011 | Development | comments (36)

Last night I sat down to satisfy my inner graphics-whore (please excuse my French) and started fooling around with the new and updated Image Effects in Unity 3.4, testing performance, spending a bit of R&R adjusting various settings to extreme "over-the-top" effects! (I've been watching a few Frostbite 2, CryEngine and UDK videos lately)! :)
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Concept Breakdown: Exterior Training Modules

by Cotta | Monday, 11 July 2011 | Development | comments (17)

Let me take you through the step by step process of creating an environment concept from start to finish in this DevBlog (my first) featuring a new piece I just finished.
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ITO Training Grounds (Art Direction)

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 1 July 2011 | Development | comments (32)

We're finally ready to present you with a taste of our Art Direction on ITO Training Grounds (your home away from home during Project IM), which this time around is getting a lot more love to meet our ambitious vision for Deadlock.
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Advanced Sound Propagation Prototype

by Kenneth | Wednesday, 18 May 2011 | Development | comments (33)

NOW we're getting somewhere! Try the latest prototype of my unique and groundbreaking Advanced Sound Propagation Model before your neighbour gamer!
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Deadlock Map: Operations - Iteration 2

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 13 May 2011 | Development | comments (60)

Activate your inferred helmet enhancements, equip your sound suppressors and coordinate the mission with your team: Infiltrate Operations, secure all way-points without being detected by 'SARA' and take out all opposing forces standing in your way.
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Scoring for Deadlock: Initial Idea - Step 1

by Reese | Tuesday, 10 May 2011 | Development | comments (26)

Ever wondered why composers are acting all weird and goofy in the game development process? Well, sit back and relax as we invite you on a unique music composing journey from the initial idea, and all the way to the finished music score in all its glory.
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Speed Of Sound Prototype

by Kenneth | Wednesday, 4 May 2011 | Development | comments (36)

In my pursuit for achieving "realistic audio", I wanted to try out a simple Speed of Sound Prototype... Do you follow me?... Meek! Meek!
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Deadlock Map: Operations - Iteration 1

by ZPSHicks | Thursday, 14 April 2011 | Development | comments (54)

Join us in the making of a multiplayer map for Deadlock; iteration after iteration and be with us all the way as we develop, play and test with you (our beloved community) all part of our Open Door Development.
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CubeSounds Prototype

by Kenneth | Wednesday, 13 April 2011 | Development | comments (40)

One thing which has always annoyed me in many games is the fact that sounds are originating from a single point. While realistic in itself it often doesn't sound realistic... So why not fix it?...
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Light Prototype: Faking Dynamic Global Illumination in Unity - Part 1

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 1 April 2011 | Development | comments (36)

Join me in my first attempt to push lighting in Unity to meet our high ambitions for making Interstellar Marines as realistic and dynamic as possible.
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Assault Rifle 03 Show Off in Unity

by ZPSHicks | Tuesday, 15 March 2011 | Development | comments (72)

Tryout our new Unity Content Viewer and get up-close and personal with the "Assault Rifle 03" .. now that heks have made it possible to elegantly embed Unity content in Blogs and Articles.
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Audio Occlusion - First Prototype

by Kenneth | Tuesday, 15 March 2011 | Development | comments (54)

Do you know what Audio Occlusion is? No?... OK then, do you know what reality is?... No?... Well then let me try to explain a bit about both and how they relate to each other!
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The Sound of Running Man - Part Two

by Kenneth | Friday, 16 July 2010 | Development | comments (17)

In order to get you immersed and to support our franchise mantra "You will believe", we want to bring the player character to life. One of the major parts of getting you immersed is "character audio".
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The Sound of Running Man - Part One

by Kenneth | Wednesday, 30 June 2010 | Development | comments (24)

The sound design, as well as the core design of Interstellar Marines is about making you believe that you are present in a realistic projection of the future.
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ZPS at Gamespot UK

by ZPSHicks | Friday, 3 July 2009 | Development | comments (20)

On June 25 2009 we went to England to visit Gamespot UK. We had been invited to guest their weekly Podcast. We also got the chance to sit down and play our "Publisher Demo" from GDC 2008 and have a good chat about Interstellar Marines and AAA Indie. Good stuff!
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Character Modeling Pipeline

by Bokaja | Wednesday, 3 June 2009 | Development | comments (44)

Welcome to a basic insight into creating characters for Interstellar Marines.
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Behind the Photo Session

by ZPSHicks | Monday, 18 May 2009 | Development | comments (49)

Why did we choose to make the Photo Session? Get the whole sordid story here!
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Scoring for IM Prologue

by Reese | Thursday, 14 May 2009 | Development | comments (24)

Scoring for IM:Prologue was first of all more of finding the right setting and mood for Interstellar Marines than composing an actual main theme. The score should be compatible as use for an "insignia theme" for our future media releases and furthermore usable as background music for our "talking heads" videos. Based upon the story and environment in Interstellar Marines, a dark and sombre mood with a military touch was needed, which was pretty much the only guideline for this particular score.
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Setting up the shoulder area of the marine - Part 1

by rigg_vader | Thursday, 14 May 2009 | Development | comments (22)

Learn how we handled the unique challenge of rigging the shoulders and arms of the marine - raising the bar in game rigging! This tutorial is aimed at beginning to intermediate riggers + anyone else interested in checking this part of the production out.
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